Who Should Attend

* Youth between the ages of 12-17 years old who wear hair extensions and want to start a hair business 

* Women who are tired of investing money in hair extensions that have a short lifespan

* Aspiring entrepreneurs interested in learning how to profit from selling hair.

* Hair business owners looking to increase sales and expand their customer base

* Individuals eager to learn the art of making wefts and wigs and seeking more knowledge in the field

* Curious individuals seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the hair extensions business

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

1. Get wholesale direct pricing on Premium Indian, Chinese, and Virgin Hair

2. Gain the knowledge to launch a thriving hair extensions business as a manufacturer or distributor, whether you choose to operate from the comfort of your home, online, or through a physical storefront location.

3. Eliminate the need to search extensively for quality or spend your hard-earned dollars at beauty supply stores.

4. (Demonstration) on how simple it is to manufacture your own bundles on an industrial sewing machine.

5. Learn how to start your business and maximize profits by wearing and selling premium hair without having to have hundreds of bundles in stock!

Your Custom Website & Training

Wholesale Pricing & Vendors

Manufacturing Knowledge

Special Presentation by 
Alix Moore
International Hair Extensions Guru

Consultant for "Good Hair" Documentary with Chris Rock

Special Guest Speakers & Hair Stylists Specializing In:
✅ Hair Extension Manufacturing
✅ Weaves and Wig Installations
✅ Business Development
✅ Finances
✅ Insurance
✅ Social Media
✅ Technology

Alix Moore, Founder of the BillionHair Club is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own successful hair brands. With over 37 years of experience in the industry, Alix Moore provides insider knowledge, guides you in establishing a solid business foundation, offers hands-on training for premium hair production, and shares effective sales and marketing strategies to ensure your instant success. Save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes with Alix Moore’s expertise in the hair business. 

What You'll Learn

✅ Set up For Success: Hair Extension Business

✅ Fundamentals

✅Hair Hype- Know What You’re Buying & The Difference

✅ Product & Pricing

✅ Packaging

✅ Your Business Budget

✅ Sales Strategies

✅ Digital Marketing

✅How to Start a Successful Business with only 10 Bundles

✅ Manufacturing: The Process and Is It Worth It?

🔥 And so much more

  • Gain knowledge about premium hair vs. lower quality hair: Learn about hair types, textures, grades, and origins to avoid falling for deceitful marketing practices and spending your money wisely.
  • Determine if this business is right for you: Avoid potential pitfalls by gaining a thorough understanding of the details that could make or break your success in the industry.
  • Access top vendors and global resources: Cut out the middleman and eliminate the need for expensive sample purchases by gaining direct access to the best suppliers in the hair game and utilizing our tools and resources across the globe.
  • Learn about the wealth creation potential of manufacturing your own hair: Join a historic movement to take control of your share of the industry. Stop making others rich and learn about the benefits of creating your own premium hair products.

Discover the Advantages of Manufacturing in the USA With a Hands On Demonstration: Uncover the Reasons Why You Should Take Charge of Manufacturing Process

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