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It’s crucial for Black America to embrace the skill of making wigs and hair bundles as a means of reclaiming economic empowerment and self-sufficiency within our community. Currently, approximately $30 million is being spent overseas on importing hair products, perpetuating a cycle of economic dependence on foreign markets like China. By learning how to create our own high-quality wigs and bundles domestically, we not only retain these funds within our communities but also foster local entrepreneurship and job creation.  

Is This You?

01 Client


After wearing hair extensions for many years, you're interested in learning how to make your own or create some to sell to your friends and family.

02 Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

As a hairstylist, you aim to enhance your value in the industry by offering custom-made hair and wigs for your clients. Alternatively, you may be considering transitioning from behind the chair and exploring new opportunities in the hair industry.

03 Opportunity


You recognize that the hair extension industry is experiencing rapid growth, and you're eager to claim your share of the $10 billion market!

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Wig & Bundle Making


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Support:  We are committed to your success and dedicated to investing in your business by providing exceptional support at every stage. As a member, we will pay it forward and help you with referrals.  Once you are able to create righteous bundles and wigs, you will benefit from our program. Our goal is to ensure your success by offering assistance tailored to your needs.


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