Make Your Own Wig Complete


This High-Level Package is the perfect choice for those who want to Launch their Hair Extension Business with complete understanding of the entire process! NO FLUFF INCLUDED! We’ll give you the exact knowledge needed, and put systems in place for you to Build Your Hair-Extension Brand fast!

You will learn and implement our complete BillionHair Blueprint before you leave the premises! There is no other hair company in the world who can give you what we offer in this amazing 10-Day Live & Learn, Hands On BillionHair Business Building Session!

 We Understand That Time is Money… If you are ready to Accelerate your Vision in creating a financially rewarding business in this $10 Billion Dollar Hair Extension Industry, NOW maybe the Time. We are ONLY accepting the 1st Qualified 10 “Ladies” to experience this Unique “LIMITED” Hands on Training Opportunity!

In 10 Days, You Will Leave with Our Complete "BillionHair Blueprint", Featuring the (5)S'es to Success(es) in Hair Extension Business

Learn & Launch Your Complete HAIR EXTENSION BUSINESS IIN 2022! We will Provide you with:

1.    S.Y.S.L. – Your Signature Look (3 bundles and 1 Frontal or Closure) 1-18 F or C, and 1-16, 1-18, -and 1-20″ bundles. 

2.   S.Y.S.L. Package -10 Piece Starter Package of your Signature Look (10 Piece Starter Pkg. of your S.Y.S.L.

3.   Site –  Your personalized Website loaded with 3 Premium Vendor Products, Your Bio,  About Us, Personalized Video w/ product, product photos, and pricing, and PopUp to build email list.

4.   Sales & System – Your personalized, fully loaded marketing automation system that includes your own Fully Loaded CRM (Customer Relations Management System, your marketing business number, SMS Texting capabilities, Booking/Scheduling features,  a fully loaded email campaign for nurturing leads, follow-ups, and leading hot prospects on how to buy from you, 5 Star Google Review Capabilities, and Landing Page to position you to make money immediately after you leave and while you sleep!

5.   Sewing Skills – We will train you on how to make WEFTS (Bundles) or WIGS or BOTH using Industrial Sewing Machines (the key to productivity), and taking back this soon to be $13.8 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!

  You’ll leave this Private Session with the ability to Launch your business and take control of your online store/business quickly, from the beginning!  You’ll get access to all the tools you’ll need to do everything yourself down the road. You’ll leave knowing how to manage and update your website, make your own digital graphics and social media posts, and how to even create your funnels and marketing campaigns;  And I know that sounds complicated…but it’s NOT, with our help!

 You’ll also leave with valuable Hands on Training and Implementation sessions, to make sure you know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ll never have to depend on someone to have to update your business (MONEY)!  We’ll make sure that you’ll control you business by knowing how to navigate the back end of your website and system, making your own digital graphics and  social media posts, know what every texture or hair is and how to tell the difference, and moreover…THE ABILITY TO GET PAID IMMEDIATELY!

This session is if you want to learn the basics of making a wig on an Industrial Sewing Machine .  This is for you who want to get your machine and start making money!  You bring your hair, and we'll show you how to make your wig and use your machine in only 8 hours!

Become a Wig Manufacturer:

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