Introducing Our Premium Raw & Infused Indian Remy Human Hair - Unparalleled Excellence!

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We take immense pride in offering the absolute best Indian Remy Human Hair on the market, and we have numerous reasons to back our claim. Here's why our hair stands out from the rest:

Our Indian Hair Comes 2 Ways ~ Raw and Infused 

Raw Hair is in its natural state and may require extended conditioning to manage because it lacks chemical treatment.  Upon installation, immediate shampooing and conditioning on your head is necessary.  Styling raw hair right after installation isn’t recommended.  There’s a distinct contrast between Raw and Infused hair.  Raw hair feels thicker and bolder to the touch and isn’t initially as soft as infused hair.  This contrast is why we provide our “Infused Brand”, offering hair that mimics what’s sold on the marketplace and ready for immediate wear.

Infused with Silicone: Experience ultimate comfort with our meticulously cleaned and silicone-infused hair, even if you’re used to processed hair. 

Lasting Beauty: All of our hair maintains its luster and softness wash after wash, thanks to the silicone infusion.

Cuticle Layer Intact: Say goodbye to matting and tangles. Our hair’s natural cuticle layer, all going in the same direction, ensures hassle-free styling and maintenance.

Unmatched Longevity: The more you use it, the better it gets! Enjoy the longevity and value of our hair with each wear.

Client Love: Earn the trust and delight of your clients with our premium Indian Remy Human Hair Bundles, providing a luxurious and hassle-free experience.

Commitment to Excellence: At BillionHair Club, we deliver nothing short of perfection in the hair industry.

Elevate Your Style: Don’t settle for less; choose the very best with our exceptional hair.

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