Client Lifeclycle Marketing Strategy - Consultation

What if you could connect with everyone in your phones contact list potentially nurturing them into your customer lifecycle?

The only thing
better than a new customer is more customers. They are the ones you will do
your best work for, and they become your brand advocates. In our session, we explain the client lifecycle and how you can act on it to consistently create engaged clients who are happy, excited and ready to share or buy from you. 

To build a long-term clientele base, you need to understand the client lifecycle. It is a process that people go through when they first become aware of your business or
services (or meet you in person)- to – when they’ll eventually buy from you,
(and refer others & repeat) the process.

It is advantageous to create engagement of services for every step of the client lifecycle!  Because, if you understand it, you can build immediate strong relationships with potential buyers, and turn them into loyal brand advocates without the need to consistently chase new customers.

The Client Lifecycle

Attract - Sell - Wow

The Client LifeCycle has 3 simple steps: 

Attract– This is when the potential client
1st encounters you or your business. The goal is for you to lead them to a
place where you can nurture them, and get them to like, trust and buy from you,

Sell– The potential client is checking out your offerings and comparing them to
others. This is the crucial moment that you have the right offer so they can

Wow– How do you treat the client after purchase? At this point, you’ll
need to follow -up and keep them engaged. After repeat purchases, client is all
in and will refer you
 to others.

Your leads are ready to spend money, but why do so many businesses miss out on this opportunity? Discover how to create a Client Lifecycle Strategy for your business and get more of your customers.

Knowing the client lifecycle will give you an advantage. It shows you how and when to approach a client through various stages of their needs, wants and desires. It also gives you strategies for converting leads from one stage to another, closing business at each step in the process and always leaving your client satisfied so they come back for more.

What You'll Get

Two (2) private 90 minute (recorded) sessions to review your business, your marketing and create the results you want! 

We will go over”

·      Where are you now

·      What’s keeping you stuck

·      Your current business numbers
(subscribers, lead, sales, projections)

·      Your current marketing strategies
(opt-ins social media, email, events, etc)

·      Your goals and activities for the next 90

After these sessions with me, you will have a custom playbook with a strategy action plan and
immediate steps to get you closer to your goals.

 This can be a game-changer for you and your business. No more fumbling with outdated
strategies that no longer work for your business.

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