BillionHair Network Inc. is focused on helping to not only build entrepreneurialism to individuals seeking to start a hair extension business, but also to bring manufacturing to the USA!  We have dedicated years of research and development learning a system that streamlines the process of crafting high-quality machine wefts (bundles) and machine-made wigs. Our technology not only guarantees exceptional end products but also optimizes production efficiency, ensuring students can produce professional-grade extensions with ease.


With over 35 years of being a Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Extensions Manufacturer, Alix Moore has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in procuring, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality hair.

Throughout her journey, Alix has established strong relationships with suppliers and factory owners in countries like Korea, India, and China, refining the manufacturing process along the way. Her notable achievements include being the first Black American to open a Human Hair Extensions Retail Store in Los Angeles in 1995, receiving hair weft (bundle) manufacturing training in Korea in 1998, and owning Indian hair extensions factories in Bangalore since 2008.

Alix Moore’s passion lies in supporting entrepreneurs around the world in starting their own hair extensions businesses. By sharing her wealth of experience and expertise, she aims to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process, eliminating much of the trial and error typically associated with launching a business.

With Alix’s knowledge and qualifications, she is well-equipped to provide up-to-date and accurate information crucial for your business success. Whether you’re interested in starting a hair extensions company or any other business, Alix Moore is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams and overcome the challenges that come with it.

If you have any specific questions or need guidance in launching your hair extensions business, feel free to ask.